Ways to Flatten Your Belly in 14 Days

Eat some bitter greens

First piece of advice from our team of experts? You should start each meal with some bitter greens. 

Tweak your sweet tooth

If you want to "readjust your sweet palate," as The Nutrition Twins put it, give yourself a full two weeks.

"Zip up your abs."

 The Nutrition Twins advocate this technique, telling their clients to contract their abs and draw them in toward their spine.

Green tea

Another easy and effective strategy for a flatter stomach in a week and a half is drinking green tea throughout the day.

 Increase your intake 

 But various veggies offer different health advantages, so it's good to mix it up with a rainbow of hues.


In response to the word "fats," most people desire to immediately escape the area. However, not all fat is harmful.

 lean protein

"Protein, especially from lean sources, aids in feelings of fullness and leaves you satiated after a meal," explains Young.


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