Vitamin D Supplementation Benefits Elderly People

Vitamin D is a unique vitamin since it is both a hormone our bodies produce and a component of the food we consume.

 Vitamin D health advantages range from bolstering the immune system and strong bones to enhancing one's disposition. 

However, recent studies suggest it may provide additional safeguards for the elderly.

A large sample of people between the ages of 60 and 84 was analyzed in a recent research published in the British Medical Journal. 

 At the conclusion of the trial, information from approximately 16,800 people who were still taking the pills was evaluated.

Over the course of the study, there were around 1,336 serious cardiovascular events (such as heart attacks, strokes, and CABG surgery).

 However, individuals who were already taking heart drugs like statins at the start of the research had a decreased risk of serious heart issues in the vitamin D.

In spite of the persuasiveness of the data, they were not statistically significant, and previous studies have shown no link between vitamin D.

 It's also crucial that you take your medications as prescribed and see your doctor for frequent checkups.


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