Top Compound Exercises For Muscles & Strength

Barbell Back Squat

Hip and knee extension work the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and core, and need the back muscles to be engaged for stability. 


The deadlift, according to Sung, is a "really functional movement that everyone should be able to do whether it relates to picking up groceries, etc." 


According to Sung, everyone may benefit from incorporating this move into their training program because of how easily it can be modified.

Inverted Row

Learn to do an inverted row so you can get your strength back. Glute and core activation will also be required to keep the body in a straight line.


If you want to start unilateral training, lunges are an excellent place to start. They're versatile and great for working your quadriceps, glutes, and abs.

Bench Press

Triceps power the bar up, while a strong mid-back and core help you stay stable on the bench.

Bent-Over Barbell Row

You may get an extra biceps workout by switching to a supinated (underhand) grip.

Ab Wheel

 The muscles of your shoulders, glutes, lower back, and abs are all engaged in one motion.


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