Starbucks Is Testing A Reusable Cup Program

Starbucks has an incentive program for you to check out their reusable cup.

If you live in Northern California or are a student at Arizona State University (ASU) and are in need of a caffeine fix but don't want to contribute to landfill waste by using throwaway cups.

Starbucks has stated in a press release that it will be piloting a reusable cup program in its Northern California locations.

The coffee shop chain's goal is to have every coffee drinker using one of its reusable cups by the year 2030.

 Just in time to partake in the Summer Remix menu, you may either get a substantial discount or be eligible to win some in-store goodies.

Coffee drinkers in Northern California may participate in the initiative by using either their own reusable container, a "Borrow A Cup,".

 If you return a borrowed cup to one of the designated bins at a participating Starbucks after you've finished your drink, you'll be entered into a drawing for a Starbucks gift card .

The approach has also been tested by Starbucks at Arizona State University, but with a few tweaks to the specifics. 

If you utilize the app to acquire free refills, the savings might really mount up if you have a regular Starby's habit.

The ASU Circular Living Lab recycled throwaway cups into convenient return boxes for Borrow A Cup, which can be found all across campus.


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