Nail Ideas Cozy Season

Chrome Tips

According to famous manicurist Brittney Boyce, chrome tips are the way to go for an edgy autumn manicure this year. 

Reverse Image

 Meesh believes that KBShimmer has the greatest selection of shimmer nail polishes available.


 If you want to get in the holiday spirit early, use an all-white, all-green, or all-gold color scheme.

Fabulous '70s

Mesh suggests looking to a well regarded fashion era for ideas: the 1970s. "Every time I see those cool 1970s patterns and colors.

Geometric Designs

 In order to obtain the desired appearance, "you can create either simple angles or intricate patterns," as stated by Choi.

Multi-Colored French

Holly Falcone, a celebrity manicurist, predicts many variations on the traditional French mani will be popular this autumn.

Glazed Donut

As we prepare for autumn 2023, the glazed donut style retains its unrivaled strength and influence.


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