'lazy girl' breakfast recipes

 Baked oats

oats cakes may be flavored with your choice of banana, apple, triple chocolate raspberry, or blueberry, and are simply oats cooked in the oven to convert into something

Protein pancakes

Because of the oats and Greek yogurt in this recipe, the pancakes turn out fluffy and light, rather than rubbery like some other protein pancake recipes.

Avocado toast 

Although eating avocado on toast is not said to increase your chances of winning the lottery, it may serve as an excellent vehicle for protein. 

Overnight oats

Overnight oats are another convenient method to get a healthy dose of protein first thing in the morning without much effort.

Greek yogurt parfait

This morning meal A Greek yogurt parfait is the ultimate in convenience for a morning meal: just combine some Greek yogurt with your favorite toppings.

Chocolate chunk oat cookies

Oats, mashed banana, and protein powder are used in place of flour and white sugar. Rachel likes to pair hers with a serving of fruit and yogurt.

Peanut butter oat smoothie

Smoothies are refreshing in the morning on a hot summer day, but they may not satisfy your hunger if they are made just of fruit and vegetables. 

Protein chia pudding

Rachel advises adding honey, maple syrup, cocoa powder, fruit, or nut butter to a mixture of chia seeds and milk that has been refrigerated overnight.


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