Hot Chocolate Nails and Frosted Metallics

This is a new and improved way to end a metallic manicure. "Choose your favorite metal (silver, gold, or rose gold) and top it with a mattifying top coat,"

 The metallic hue will still give off a faint sheen, but the matte finish will give it a brushed metal look that's perfect for the approaching autumn season.

The reward for achieving the matte metallic appearance is substantial, but it's a breeze to do on your own. 

Use a metallic polish and apply two coats, then let to dry. Olive & June The Matte Top Coat is $9 and transforms glossy nails into matte ones with only one coat.

When coupled with a matte topcoat, "chocolate brown is a warm, rich color that gives off the coziest vibes for fall,"

"Earthy tones are typically popular in the colder months, but I predict that this year everyone will have hot chocolate nails.

 Chocolate brown is a timeless color that works well with every skin tone and complements nails of any shape or length. 

In addition, Sequoia, a stunning chocolate brown priced at $22, is part of their new Desert Flame Collection.


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