Healthy Weight Loss Recipes

White Bean Soup with Lemon

 This roux-based soup is easy to prepare and is certain to fill your appetite with its acidic lemon taste and plenty of vegetables.

Gazpacho with Watermelons

This calls for a raw mix, without straining, to be served cold. On a warm summer day, this soup is the perfect remedy.

Vegetables with Pesto

Try our pesto veggies dish for a taste of the delicious flavor combination of fresh vegetables and fragrant pesto sauce.

Potato Salad

The traditional Spanish meal Patatas a lo Pobre is a great example of the depth and simplicity of Spanish cooking. 

Buddha Bowl with Shawarma

The roasted cauliflower complements the colorful array of veggies and grains with its rich taste and hearty texture.

Hummus with Roasted Beets

You just need 15 minutes to roast the beets and another 5 to combine them with the chickpeas, making this a very fast dish to prepare.


This recipe is great for a fast and tasty weekday meal since it can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.

Pesto di Spinach

Use this simple recipe for spinach pesto to enhance the taste and nutritional value of your favorite pasta, pizza, or sandwich.

Pasta with Pesto Sauce

This green pesto pasta is loaded with the taste of homemade basil pesto, ripe cherry tomatoes, and a touch of parmesan. 


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