Healthiest Time To Eat Dinner

Circadian Disorders, "we wanted to test the mechanisms that may explain why late eating increases obesity risk."

In keeping with our natural circadian cycle, the research characterized an early supper as one eaten three to four hours before sleep.

 By strategically allocating time, you may help your body complete vital restorative processes (and, some would argue, get a better night's sleep) 

This includes digesting meals, processing nutrients, and transitioning into a fasting state.

The BWH research found significant variations in metabolic profiles between early and late eaters.

People who ate breakfast early had lower blood glucose levels, greater fat-burning ability, higher quality sleep, and more energy than those who ate later.

Meanwhile, eating supper later in the evening raised the chance of developing diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

This meta-analysis of nine randomized controlled studies found that cutting down on calories at breakfast linked to more rapid weight reduction. 

Improvements in insulin resistance, fasting glucose, and LDL cholesterol were also seen with weight reduction.


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