Full-body Workout to get you in shape


Planks are one of the most effective ab exercises since they train the upper and lower body and strengthen the abdominal muscles.


The burpee is a great all-around bodyweight exercise. It's easy to do, and it works, but if you do too many of them, it might be mentally exhausting. 

Deadlift with one leg

 This unique take on the traditional deadlift focuses on strengthening and stabilizing only one leg with nothing but your own bodyweight.

Position: side plank

Overhead squats are the definition of a total-body workout. It takes some effort to squat with the arms extended high without rounding or arching the back.

Squat splits

 The split squat improves mobility and flexibility, allowing you to squat farther and more deeply, which in turn strengthens your quadriceps.

Sumo squats

 Because you're rearranging your body in space, your core must work harder to prevent you from swaying side to side.

Inverted rows

Excellent leg workouts, the former puts more of a focus on the inner thigh adductors, which bring the legs closer to the torso. 


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