Free Weight Exercises for Faster Weight Loss

Full Goblet Squats

Because it requires the use of your complete body, including your core and upper body, to raise and steady the weight.

Plate Squats

If you're just starting out or haven't worked out in a while, a regular squat may be too challenging.


One of the easiest methods to build muscle in the thighs and buttocks is to do leg lifts. And it works just as well in real life, like if you have to climb a flight of stairs or a hill.

Leg Splits

You may accelerate your weight reduction by increasing the difficulty and intensity of your workouts. 

Sets of Threes

If you want to look and feel better, rowing is a must since it strengthens your back and improves your posture. 

Wrecking Balls

Quick, explosive exercises that don't put stress on your muscles, joints, or bones will help you avoid this problem.


The "scaption," which works the same muscles without exerting stress on the joints, is a better alternative.

Hip thrusts 

Hip thrusts are a safer alternative to deadlifts, which may strain your lower back if you don't employ proper form, since they focus on the same muscle groups.


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