Cuddle-Worthy Dog Breeds 


Their wavy coats and friendly personalities make them excellent companions for families.

American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo dog looks like a stuffed animal with its white fur and big, expressive eyes. 

White Terrier

Small and fluffy, west highland white terriers (or westies) have a double coat of pure white fur. They are lively, open, and self-reliant.

Tibetan Apso

With its long, thick coat and adorable features, the lhasa apso is sometimes likened to a teddy bear. 

 Toy Poodle

Despite their little stature, they are recognized for their big personalities and fun, energetic nature.


 They have a cute, cuddly look similar to teddy bears, and their pleasant, bright personalities make them excellent companions.

Coton de,

They are wonderful for households with kids since they are outgoing, gregarious, and like being the center of attention.


The Keeshond is a happy-faced dog with a thick double coat. These canines are great companions because of their friendly and extroverted natures.


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