Chronic Inflammation-Inducing Foods


Sure, candy and chocolate can satisfy your sweet desire, but they're also inflammatory sugar bombs. 

Quick Meals

Research has linked inflammation with the use of processed foods, of which many fast food selections are examples.

Meat Products

"These meats are a five-alarm fire when it comes to inflammation," writes Kirshner in The Whole Body Cure.

Sugary Treats

Regular consumption of sugary cereals and other sugar-rich snacks may cause a spike in blood glucose levels, which can trigger an inflammatory.

Carne Roja

 In order to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals, he suggests opting for grass-fed, organic kinds.


The Whole Body Cure that regular alcohol drinking raises inflammation and also disrupts gut flora, alters brain structure and function, increases blood pressure.

Battered Snacks

Consistent consumption of fried meals has been linked to gastrointestinal inflammation and other health problems.


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