Budget-Friendly Recipes for Weight Loss

German Lentil Soup

This easy recipe for German Lentil Soup packs a lot of flavor into few ingredients. It's affordable, full, and tasty.

 Mango Salsa

Use Blueberry Mango Salsa over corn, tortilla, or pita chips, on top of grilled meats, in burritos, or as a filling for tacos

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The inclusion of blackberries elevates an otherwise ordinary sandwich. You won't find a better grilled cheese sandwich than this one with blackberries.

Bacon Sandwiches

 They are packed with all the traditional BLT tastes, but come in a portable and healthy wrap.

Bean Curd Tofu

Chickpea Tofu is a quick and simple alternative to soy-based tofu for those who want a plant-based diet. 

Broccolini and Garlic

Garlicky Broccolini Pasta has a superb taste and will definitely satisfy your hunger, despite its somewhat elementary appearance. 

 Chicken Casserole

Nothing could be simpler than this. You can throw together this chicken casserole in a flash with only a few frozen items.

Black Beans with Butter

You can use this recipe for Buttered Black Beans as a vegan main dish or a tasty side dish.


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