Beginner Running Plan

The cardio incline walks should be performed on a treadmill in order to accurately complete the exercise.

 Longino explains that you can remain in the zone because there are "no animals, cars, or random people" to distract you. 

On days when you are working with a horizontal road, you can seek out an outdoor track or trail for some sunlight and fresh air.

For most "easy" or "moderate" incline walk exercises and warm-ups, consider 3% as your baseline for incline levels. 

For leveling up, aim for an incline between 4% and 6%, and for "steep" inclines, adhere to 6% and 8%.

For exercises that target the shoulders and arms (e.g., hammer curls, dumbbell curls, etc.)

Longino advises that when it comes to strength training, you should choose a weight that is challenging by the conclusion of the prescribed number of repetitions. 

And for exercises that target larger muscle groups, such as the hamstrings and quadriceps (squats, deadlifts, etc.), use weights of 10 pounds or more.

Beginner Running Plan


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