Balance And Mobility Exercises for Weight Loss


Although it's often referred to as a "warmup," this short time of action is really meant to prepare your body for greater motions, rather than to shake off the cold.

Jumping jacks 

Jumping jacks for 30–60 seconds to start, then in place jogging for 30 seconds, and finally mountain climbers to finish. 


"This is a critical exercise." Ankle mobility and stability, hip mobility and stability, pelvic mobility and core control are all aided by doing this. Do it by:

Alternate Lunge

This simple modification of the standard lunge targets tight hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Do it by:

Lunge forward

Lunge forward with your left foot while supporting your weight on your hands. Spend the next 30 seconds in that space, doing anything you want.

One-Armed Deadlift

Because hamstrings don't react well to static stretching, Perkins recommends this dynamic flexibility practice.

Roll Out Your Quads

Position your feet so that your hips are wide apart, raise your arms above, and turn your toes outward if necessary.


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