Back-to-school breakfast for Weight Loss

Vegan crepes

 These vegan oat pancakes are free of gluten and other common allergens, making them a great choice for individuals with dietary requirements.

Jalapeno Popper 

the combination of the toasted bread's crunch and the melted cheese's sweetness will be a feast for your taste buds. Try it out!

Chocolate coconut cream

No-bake chocolate cookies filled with coconut cream are a fantastic option if you need a gluten-free, quick breakfast.

Sansho, a Japanese Fruit

This is a terrific dish for a fast morning meal or afternoon snack, especially for kids.

Spinach rolls

They are a great option for a nutritious lunchbox addition for your kid. The recipe is laid out for you below.

Egg fried rice

For a fast meal on the go, try the Jasmine egg fried rice flavored with shredded cucumber and lemongrass.

Pangolin omelette

Discover in only 10 minutes how to cook a delicious Pangolin dome packed omelette. 

Vegetable Korean crepe

There isn't much work involved in preparing this dish. It can be prepared in within 10 minutes, and you may use any ingredients you choose.


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