Autumnal green nail polish

While yellow nails are still all over social media, you may be looking for something a little more seasonal as autumn approaches.

There is a wide range of foliage colours available, from minty pastels to trendy olive tones, that will go with anything in your closet. 

 It's the kind of hue that's appropriate all year round; in fact, you might call it "evergreen," but it's particularly appropriate for fall.

We still have a sweet spot for lavender fingernails, but right now we can't get enough of green, in all its shades.

You may play it safe by choosing a solid pistachio or forest green, or you can go all out as Hailey did with her bright green and gold Coachella nails. 

And if you're searching for ideas for your nail board, we've compiled a few of the season's hottest trends.

These mint-glazed fingernails have the same pearly gloss and oval form as the milk-white version. 

Choose a light mint green as your base color, then add a shimmer top coat or chrome powder, and finish with a clear top coat to reproduce this look.


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