Are Pit Bulls the Most Troublesome Dogs?

The pit bull has been demonized by certain groups and championed by others, making it one of the most divisive canines in the world.

They share photos of their pit bulls cuddling with their kids, sitting on their laps, or giving a cheesy grin for the camera.

Instead, the American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, and the Bull Terrier are all included in the definition of "pit bull,".

Learn some of the truth and some of the fiction about pit bulls by reading on. We compiled a list of the top 28 issues people have with these pets .

As early as the 1600s, it was common practice to use pit bulls in blood sports such as bull-, bear-, and lion-baiting. 

As we'll see, characteristics like aggressiveness and tenacity were prized for the task of snatching a large animal by the head or neck. 

Ratting became a popular pastime in the following ages, and eventually so did dog fighting.

While aggressiveness is unquestionably a feature that was chosen for this dog, most of the issue stems from how the dog was nurtured.

A poorly trained dog is a danger to its human family. If pit bulls aren't taught properly and socialized as puppies, they may develop aggressive tendencies.


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