7 Best At-Home Exercises for Abs

Side Planks

Moutopoulos says, "You can do these on your forearm or fully extended arm." In the beginning, especially if you have lower back problems, "bend your knees."

Russian Twists

 Adjust your upper body such that it forms a 45-degree angle with the ground. Make this exercise more difficult by clasping your hands .

Toe Taps

You should practice toe touches while lying on your back on a yoga mat. Keep your arms at your sides. 


"These are a little bit more advanced," Moutopoulos explains. Picture yourself crossing the finish line at full speed while moving your nondominant hand 


Lie on your back with your legs outstretched and your arms stretched above to begin the V sit-ups. Raise your head, arms, and legs into the air in a "V" shape.

Lateral Leg Raises

Lying on one side with your legs extended and your lower arm extended so that your head rests on it is the starting position for side-lying leg lifts.

Wiper Blades

The windshield wiper is the last exercise on our list of the finest ab workouts you can do at home to get an hourglass figure. 


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