2023's Hottest Nail Polish Colors

Nails-But-Better Nude

Kendall Jenner, copy her and choose a sheer or neutral manicure polish that complements your skin tone. 


Actresses like Storm Reid have been seen on the red carpet with chrome nails. Arnold explains that this palette's "color travel"

Loss of Baby Lust

On the Grammys red carpet, Hailey Bieber sported a pair of bright blue sunglasses, while Taylor Swift opted for a darker blue pair.

Extremely White

While white nail polish is often associated with the warmer months, I challenge you to rock it during autumn and winter.

Affirm in Pink

You may chalk up the widespread use of pink nail polish to the rise of Barbiecore. At this year's Met Gala, Ice Spice wore long, baby pink nails. 

To the Dark Side

Despite its negative connotations, black nail paint is one of my go-to trendy colours for the season.

 Fire Engine Red

Since the "red nail theory" became popular, the color red has been the standard on red carpets everywhere. 

 Use of Patterns

 You have the choice between something understated (like a toe-toned option) and a 3D style.


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