2023's Biggest Nail Trends

Frosted Metallics

 "Choose your favorite metal (silver, gold, or rose gold) and top it with a mattifying top coat," 

Hot Chocolate Nails

When coupled with a matte topcoat, "chocolate brown is a warm, rich color that gives off the coziest vibes for fall," explains Mazz Hanna

Duo Finish French

"Take French tips into fall with a duo finish," suggests Galdina Jimenez, OPI North America Education Manager.

Traditional French

 Pick a wide tip for a throwback to the '90s or a slimmer one for a more contemporary feel. Not confident in your nail art abilities?

Grayish-gun metal

Gray hair is a classic look for the autumn season. This season, you can't go wrong with gunmetal gray, a sleek and adaptable dark gray.

Multiple Contexts

When he says, "Fall is the time for layers and I am not referring to just clothes," Jimenez isn't just talking about clothing. 

Chrome Plating, Please

Hanna predicts that the trend will persist until the next autumn. It's a great way to spice up a regular manicure! 


 "Dark brown, dark red, and classic black are always beloved shades for fall, but we're calling emerald green as the must-paint moody shade of the season,"

Dark Beauty

Less is Norse, Lincoln Park After Dark, Black Cherry Chutney, Complimentary Wine, My Private Jet, and Vampsterdam are some of her favorites.

Nails of Velvet

 You can get this look in minutes with a press-on, which would normally take hours and cost a fortune. 


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