20-Minute Upper-Body Workout

Try to complete three 30-second sets of each exercise. Between each set and each exercise, take a 15-second break.

Start with shorter time intervals and/or fewer sets if three 30-second sets seem too challenging at first.

Avoid locking your elbows at the peak of a round of triceps dips and keep your arms close to your body to reduce the strain on your joints.

Hold a plank posture with your feet raised on the side of the chair for 30 seconds if walking on your hands seems too difficult.

Put your hands on the edge of the chair and stretch your feet out behind you to lighten the load of this exercise.

Bring your knees to the floor for a modified version of this move. You may increase the difficulty by resting your feet on the chair's edge.

You don't want to waste time setting up your home gym every time you have a few minutes to get in a fast exercise.

A chair is all that's required for this efficient upper-body routine. It's convenient since it doesn't need leaving your house and is easy to customize.


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