20-Minute Hybrid Training Routine

Set a timer and go through the following exercises as rapidly as possible while still focusing on form. Do a total of four circuits.

Keep a steady pace rather than starting off too quickly and needing rests, and don't push yourself to failure with the weight you're using .

Reece advises, "Make sure you warm up your upper body thoroughly before you try negative splits."

 In other words, try to beat your previous round time every time, which will get your heart rate up, put your muscles to the test.

To build stronger shoulders and better aerobic fitness, performance coach Ashley Reece created a hybrid program consisting of an upper-body dumbbell circuit.

The end result? A fit physique that can handle every obstacle you encounter, whether in the CrossFit gym or in real life.

Hybrid training may assist increase your mobility and is more time-efficient than trying to fit in runs around your regular lifting. 

Your muscles, tendons, and bones will all become stronger by doing weight training, making you less likely to get hurt.

Additionally, the added pressure of racing the clock will increase the intensity of your workout, resulting in greater calorie burn and other cardio benefits.


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